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Emulation Station Xbox

Are you a fan of retro gaming? Just imagine having all your favourite games, from all the greatest consoles and computers wrapped up in one easy to use package! Well imagine no more, because you're a lucky ducky, and today your wish has come true!


This specially designed system started out as an Xbox but has now been customised to the max, and reborn as "The Emulation Station!" It provides you with ALL your retro gaming needs, from the earliest years of Atari, Spectrum, Commodore 64 etc, through to the latest in retro gaming such as Sega Megadrive, Super Nintendo and of course the Xbox itself, its all here!

The Emulation Station packs in over 20 consoles and TENS OF THOUSANDS of ROMS, OVER 65GB worth of gaming in fact, that's enough to keep any retro gamer happy for many years! Each console has its own custom, easy to use menu so you can get gaming straight away. All of the emulated consoles/computers and ROMS are already installed on the upgraded hard drive, therefore providing you with continuous gaming without the need to swap discs each and every time you want to play a different console.

Amazingly, the Emulation Station has many more tricks up its sleeve, such as various video\audio file playback (including DVD, AVI & MP3), stores all your video\music libraries, many online features!

Emulation Station menu

RETRO HEAVEN RIGHT THERE! With a choice of over 54'000 ROM's you'll never be stuck for something to do ever again!

Below is a run down of emulated consoles/computers and number of ROM's included....

ATARI ST - 2,241 ROM's Included!

Atari ST Emulator

ATARI VCS - 477 ROM's Included!

Atari-VCS Emulator

BANDAI WONDER SWAN - 275 ROM's Included!

Bandai Wonder Swan Emulator

COLECOVISION - 155 ROM's Included!

Colecovision Emulator

COMMODORE 64 - 6001 ROM's Included!

Commodore 64 Emulator

COMMODORE AMIGA - 3241 ROM's Included!

Commodore Amiga Emulator

CPS3 - 7 ROM's Included!

CPS3 Emulator

INTELLIVISION - 268 ROM's Included!

Intellivision Emulator

M.A.M.E - 7064 ROM's Included!

MAME Emulator

MSX - 678 ROM's Included!

MSX Emulator

NEO-GEO CD - 97 ROM's Included!

Neo-Geo Emulator

GAMEBOY ADVANCE - 256 ROM's Included

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Emulator

GAMEBOY COLOUR - 1211 ROM's Included!

Nintendo Gameboy Colour Emulator

NINTENDO GAMEBOY - 6097 ROM's Included!

Nintendo Gameboy Emulator

NINTENDO N64 - 467 ROM's Included!

Nintendo N64 Emulator

NINTENDO NES - 731 ROM's Included!

Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator, NES

NINTENDO SNES - 3792 ROM's Included!

Nintendo Super Entertainment System Emulator, SNES

PC ENGINE - 1566 ROM's Included!

PC Engine Emulator

SEGA MASTER SYSTEM - 1026 ROM's Included!

SEGA Master System Emulator

SEGA MEGADRIVE - 6316 ROM's Included!

SEGA Mega Drive Emulator, SEGA Genesis

SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM - 12951 ROM's Included!

Sinclair ZX Spectrum Emulator

MICROSOFT XBOX - 5 Classics Included

Microsoft Xbox Games

So in summary you will receive the following...


1x Refurbished Xbox (PAL) 'Emulation Station' with upgrade hard drive

1x Controller

1x Set of necessary power/video leads

1x More fun than you can shake a stick at!

This console will be packed securely, bubble wrapped, boxed and dispatched via fully insured and tracked courier. Ships worldwide with free UK delivery!

NON-EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS: As this is a PAL Xbox, it uses 240v power, so you will need a power converter in order for this Xbox to work in your country. Example: For use in the USA, you would need a 'Step up power convertor'. Please confirm you understand this when you make your purchase, as your order will not be dispatched until confirmation has been received. Any question, please ask BEFORE you purchase.

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The Emulation Station - 54'000 Games!

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